In this article I’d like to show you how to unbrick your Huawei phone using IDT tool by a few clicks.

HiSilicon IDT


  • Huawei COM port drivers, click here.
  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Driver Signature Verification must be disabled, click here to do it.
  • Software board specified for your device.
  • Testpoint mode of your bricked device, YouTube is a good place for that.


  • Assume that everything is ready, so let’s start by double click on IDT.exe icon.
Huawei IDT
  • Choose the XML configuration of your board software.
  • Make sure be on Testpoint mode before flashing.
  • So once you are ready, de
  • Once your rom is booted up, you can proceed by flashing stock rom.
  • Make sure to copy the dload folder of the stock rom that has been shipped for your device.
  • So click on Project Menu.
  • Tab on Software Upgrade.
  • Select SDCard.
  • Tab OK to start installation.
  • Happy restoring.

IDT Unbrick Your Huawei Device